The Sky Blues Today

The Sky Blues Today

One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Greatness

Coventry City Football Club, the city’s renowned and favourite sports club, is very well known to its inhabitants. The organisation has represented Coventry with pride since its inception in 1883, before the turn of the century, and they recently celebrated their 125 year anniversary. The club’s fan base has remained particularly loyal and dedicated, packing the 32,000 person Ricoh Arena where Coventry City Football Club plays in throngs. Of course, the club did not always play at the new Ricoh Arena. They only just relocated to it in 2005 after spending more than a century (106 years) at their treasured Highfield Road. Like any proper fan base they have their own anthem to cheer on the team and of course their own cuddly mascot named Sky Blue Sam. The team is known by the Sky Blue nick name because of their beautiful blue home uniforms, while their away uniform is a surprising deep red.

No team can be around for over a century without undergoing some incredible historic events, and the Sky Blues are no different. The club has gone through the bad, including their worst slaughtering defeat (11-2) ever back in 1901, to the lowest recorded attendance on hand at only 2,059 in 1928. But they have also lived through quite of a lot of positive events including their only major tournament victory, an occurrence forever burned into the minds of all fans, old or young, in 1987. Because it was in this year that the mighty Sky Blues triumphed over Tottenham Hotspur to be crowned winners of the FA Youth Cup. This is the club’s only major official success, although they have come close to greatness many times.

It seems as if the Sky Blues had amassed their greatest team in the decade of the 80s, because in addition to the one FA championship, they also reached the League Cup semi finals in 1981 and 1989. As a matter a fact, the club was even one of the founding members of the English Premier League, although the team has since been relegated to the second best Coca-Cola Championship league. So while they might not have the records or trophies of other clubs, Coventry has long been around greatness and played against some of the best teams out there, such as Arsenal or Liverpool. They even appeared in the UEFA Cup in 1970 where the club managed its way to the 2nd round before losing to Bayern Munich.

In addition to the fans, another reason for the team’s success is of course the players. Over their century existence many great names have donned the Sky Blue jersey, including players like Ian Wallace who scored 23 goals in 1978 or Dion Dublin who did the same in 1998. Many great players have represented the Sky Blues for over 100 years and, for better or for worse, their devoted fans will always be tied to the club’s fate.